We are so glad that you visited our blog!

And we are flattered that you want to know more about us and a purpose of this website…

A lot of things can be said, but let’s put it this way…

This blog is for them who love to crochet and want to find some interesting ideas for their new projects and DIY ideas…

We share our findings with our visitors…

We believe that we are not the only Crochetaholics and there are a lot of people who share our love to this amazing hobby!

That’s why we decided to start a blog and connect people all over the world who love to crochet!

If you have some ideas or want to ask us (for) something, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Happy crocheting yarn lovers!!!


  1. So how do you get the tutorial for the santa applique, I tried everything I could think of and all I kept getting was the pictures and nothing else. Please let me know how to get the directions for the cute appliques you show. thank you

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