Crochet Side Saddle Stitch – Easy Tutorial

Hello! Today we want to share with you our finding about how to crochet the side saddle stitch. Watch this easy and step by step tutorial which is absolutely free. The end result will definitely impress you and you can use this stitch technique for so many projects you might have planned or will plan in the future. You can crochet things for girls, boys for men and women… All of the gift ideas that you might come up with, can be accomplished by using this side saddle stitch technique. Don’t wait any longer and learn this amazing technique!

Once again: This technique is amazing and useful for so many things you might want to crochet in future!


Source: HopefulHoney




  1. Very nice tutorial. I made a set of instructions as I watched the video and now I’m ready to go. I might make a dish cloth before I make choose colors for a baby blanket. Thank you.

  2. Hi. I watched the YouTube tutorial. The placement of the first stitch in the second row on top of the first dc cluster is different from other YouTube tutorials (like Bella Coco’s, for example). The overall look is similar but the stitch is different.

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