Crochet Woodland Bear – Tutorial + Free Pattern

Hey there! Were you searching for a simple tutorial that will help you to crochet amazing woodland bear for kids or adults by following a step by step video guide, free pattern and instructions? Then you just won a jackpot! This tutorial is just what you need to get the job done! It is super simple and the result is amazing and beautiful! There’s always an extra need for some amazing coasters etc.,  so there is not much better than some crocheted ones, right? Especially when they are right on point for Christmas time and fun! You can crochet some coasters and present them as gifts for him and her, kids and adults… Basically, you can just crochet them and think who will it make happy. DIY projects are always amazing and inspiring, so why not try something special and beautiful since you love crocheting… Crochet one, and then crochet another pair… Great idea, right?

Once again: This technique is amazing and useful for so many things you might want to crochet in future!

Have fun and don’t forget to explore Crochetaholic for other amazing findings!

As we love to say – Crochet All day every day!

Crochet Woodland Bear - Tutorial + Free Pattern

Source: Maria’s Blue Crayon

Free Pattern – Click here!


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