Elf Granny Square Crochet Tutorial – Christmas Afghan + Free Pattern

Hey there! Let’s do something awesome! How about to crochet an amazing Christmas Elf and a free pattern to lead your way? Oh yes! We have an amazing tutorial we found for you! This step by step video tutorial covers it all and will absolutely make you fall in love with this Christmas project! This Elf is super simple but the technique is useful for a lot of other projects as well. I tried it and loved it.  It all led me to share this amazing finding cause that’s what this whole blog is about, right? Crochet some amazing stuff all day, every day! Granny Square, Christmas Afghan! What a find! I so recommend crocheting it! Just try it! We found a free video tutorial which is great for anyone regardless of the level – beginner or a pro. You will love it! This is guaranteed! Start enjoying this knowledge right away and learn this amazing crochet and knitting technique! Have fun and don’t forget to come back for other great crochet findings!

Once again: This crochet technique is amazing and useful for so many things you might want to crochet in future!

Have fun and don’t forget to explore Crochetaholic for other amazing findings!

As we love to say – Crochet All day every day!

Elf Granny Square Crochet Tutorial - Christmas Afghan + Free Pattern

Source: Maria’s Blue Crayon

Free Pattern  – Click here





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